fresht food service pincher creek

Closed until July 10th.

New menu up July 4

Freezer meals are best when removed from freezer the night before needed. On the day of, vent the lid and reheat in the microwave for 2 ish minutes.

Forgot to take it out the day before? It hap​pens. You're human. Set to defrost for 5 ish minutes then to regular setting for 3-5 minutes. 

Depending on the meal & individual microwaves you may need more/less time.

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Closed for adventuring August 21- September 5

New menu up August 30

Cabbage Rolls

Seasoned pork, beef & rice mixture rolled in cabbage leaves and baked in a ginger tomato sauce. 

#13  Regular (2 rolls) $12.

Calories: 470

Carbs:45 g, Fat: 20 g, Protein: 33 g

#14  Large  (3 rolls) $15.

Calories: 690 

 Carbs:65g, Fat: 29g, Protein: 48g

#13  Turkey Balls & Pasta  $13

Seasoned turkey balls in a tomato sauce served over 

pea pasta.

Calories: 550 Carbs: 43g  Fat: 16g  Protein: 62g

#14  Turkey Balls & Pasta -Large   $17

Calories: 830  Carbs: 64g Fat: 20g Protein: 94g

GF - DF 

Paleo Lasagna

Yes, it’s a thing.

Traditional lasagna taste with better for you ingredients! Layers of zucchini, meat sauce, cashew cheese

(better than it sounds), mushrooms and spinach.

#13  Regular $13

 Calories: 465

Carbs:34g Fat:15g Protein:31g

#14 Large  $16

Calories: 570

Carbs:44g Fat: 29g Protein:37g

#15  Cottage Pie  $11

Seasoned ground beef & pork topped with a whipped roasted garlic, cauliflower & yam mash. 

Calories: 515 Carbs:50g Fat:23g Protein:30g

#16  Cottage Pie- Large  $15

Calories: 735 Carbs:66g Fat:34g Protein:44g

Paleo - GF- NF - DF

GF: Gluten Free       DF: Dairy Free      NF: Nut Free