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Current Menu: December 19 - 22 & January 3 - 5 New menu up January 3

Closed For Adventuring, Family Love & New Years Shenanigans December 23- January 2

Korean Beef Bowl

Korean BBQ ground beef (HD mEATS) lightened up with carrots, zucchini & bok choy. 

Served over rice.

#9  Regular $13.

Calories: 520

Carbs:59g Fat: 18g Protein: 31g

#10 Large $16.

Calories: 680

Carbs:77g Fat: 23g Protein: 41g

GF - NF - DF - Paleo-ish

Sweet & Spicy Drumsticks

Don't be afraid. It's just a little kick. 

Glazed drumsticks with a roasted potato, chorizo

 and spinach hash on the side.

#9 Regular $13


Carbs:48g Fat: 27g Protein: 46g

#10 Large $16

Calories: 865

Carbs:64g Fat: 38g Protein: 66g

Thai Coconut Curry

Happiness. Tender chicken breast, cauliflower and peppers in a coconut curry sauce on rice noodles. Topped with cilantro.

#11  Regular $12.

 Calories: 570

Carbs:54g Fat: 18g Protein: 47g

#12  Large  $15


Carbs:68g Fat: 23g Protein: 59g

Stuffed Portobello

Seasoned ground turkey, carrots, onions and celery stuffed and baked in a portobello mushroom cap. Comes with a side of broccoli salad.

#11 Regular  $13.

(1 large mushroom)  Calories: 570

Carbs: 29g Fat: 32g Protein: 42g

#12  Large  $18

(1 large and one smaller mushroom) Calories: 790

Carbs:38g Fat: 44g Protein: 61g

GF - DF - Paleo

Honey Mustard Chicken

Marinated chicken tenders  with roasted yams, sauteed garlicky cabbage and bacon and a honey mustard dipping sauce.

#11 Regular $14.

Calories: 520

Carbs:56g Fat: 13g Protein: 45g

#12 Large $17.

Calories: 735

Carbs:79g Fat: 16g Protein: 69g

GF - NF - DF - Paleo

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A Cajun classic! Creole seasoned shrimp, chicken & sausage with a mixture of rice, tomatoes, peppers and celery.

#11  Regular $13

Calories: 515

Carbs: 44g, Fat:24g, Protein: 31g

#12  Large  $16


Carbs:66g, Fat: 36g, Protein:46g

GF - DF - NF


Tender, marinated pork souvlaki with tzatziki, oven roasted lemon garlic potatoes, and a side of Greek salad.

#11  Regular  $13.

Regular- Calories: 460

Carbs:34 g, Fat: 22 g, Protein: 30 g

#12  Large  $16.

Large- Calories: 675

Carbs:50 g, Fat: 32 g, Protein: 45 g

GF - NF 

Stuffed Yam

It's nice out- bust out the grills!

Smoked, pulled pork in a soft baked yam. Comes with a side of crunchy apple slaw to throw on top.

Basically texture heaven.

#9 Regular - $14

Calories: 465

Carbs:32g Fat: 22g Protein: 35g

#10 Large - $17


Carbs:48g Fat: 31g Protein: 47g

GF - DF - NF - Paleo

#9 BBQ Chicken $13

Charcoal grilled, skin on, bone in chicken thighs, grilled yukon potatoes & bell peppers with fresh herbs.

Calories: 495

Carbs:23g Fat:23g Protein:39g

#10 BBQ Chicken- Large $17

Calories: 785

Carbs: 33g Fat: 39g Protein: 64g

GF - DF - NF 

Chicken & Brie

Lots of layers of goodness. Fig jam, chicken breast, melty brie all topped with a grilled apple slice. Served with a garlicky smashed potato & maple carrots. I know.

#11  Regular $14

 Calories: 485

Carbs:38g Fat:19g Protein:40g

#12  Large  $17

Large Calories: 715

Carbs:51g Fat: 29g Protein:63g


Thai Beef Curry

Tender cubes of HD mEAT sirloin beef with broccoli, carrots and jicama (when available) in a coconut/tomato based sauce. Served on rice noodles.

#11  Regular  $12.

 Calories: 545

Carbs:56g Fat:14g Protein:48g

#12  Large  $16.

Calories: 815

Carbs:85g Fat: 21g Protein:72g

GF - NF - DF

Mini Meatloaf and Mashed

Everything's cuter when it's small right?

HD mEATS seasoned ground beef topped with a house made paleo ketchup. Served with roasted garlic and Parmesan mashed potatoes and green beans. Oh and maybe a little extra ketchup on the side.

#11 Regular $13. (2 mini loaves)

Calories: 565

Carbs: 41g Fat: 27g Protein: 40g

#12 Large $16. (3 mini loaves)

Calories: 825

Carbs: 59g Fat: 39g Protein: 60g

GF - NF 

Chicken Satay 

Marinated and grilled chicken breast skewers with a side of thai sunflower sauce, roasted yams & a mildly spiced cucumber and watermelon minted salad.

#9  Regular $13.

 Calories: 570

Carbs:48g Fat:22g Protein:46g

#10  Large  $16.

 Calories: 850

Carbs:72g Fat: 32g Protein:69g

NF - GF - Paleo - DF

Bacon Chicken & Yam

Bacon wrapped chicken thighs, balsamic roasted brussel sprouts and a twice baked butternut squash/yam blend

#9  Regular  $14.

Calories: 555

Carbs: 46g Fat: 23g Protein: 46g

#10  Large  $17

Calories: 750 

Carbs:  61g  Fat: 29g  Protein: 68g

GF - NF - DF - Paleo

Chicken Fajita Bowl

Marinated, seasoned chicken breast strips, peppers, onions, Mexican rice and all the right toppings salsa, jalapenos, homemade guacamole. Feel free to stuff some tortillas with all this goodness. No one can stop you.

#9 Regular $13.

Calories: 470

Carbs: 38g Fat: 17g Protein: 38g

#10 Large $16

Calories: 695

Carbs: 56g Fat: 25g Protein: 56g

GF - NF - DF

Beef Stew

Just good old fashioned beef stew. HD mEATS Beef, potatoes, carrots, turnips & peas in a red wine beef gravy. 

#9  Regular $12.

 Calories: 480

Carbs:37g Fat:18g Protein:42g

#10 Large $15.

 Calories: 700 

 Carbs:55g Fat:26g Protein:62g

GF - DF - NF

Orange Sriracha Drumsticks

Don't be afraid. They're not too spicy!  Chicken drumsticks marinated in an orange, sriracha, and basil sauce then roasted til toasty. Comes with a fragrant, Persian almond riced cauliflower and an apple, carrot & bell pepper salad.


For you anti-cilantro people. The salad does have cilantro but it can be left out! You know who you are.

#9 Regular (2 drumsticks)  $13

Calories: 610

Carbs: 38g  Fat: 33g  Protein: 41g

#10  Large (3 drumsticks)  $16

Calories: 855

Carbs: 50g Fat: 47g Protein: 61g

GF - DF - Paleo

Sweet Chili Chicken

Skin on, bone in chicken thighs in a sweet & spicy chili sauce served alongside veggie “fried” rice.

#9  Regular $12.

Regular Calories: 505

Carbs: 28g Fat: 27g Protein: 35g

#10  Large  $15

Large Calories: 750

Carbs:42g Fat: 41g Protein:51g

GF - DF (Can make NF)

Ginger Beef & Greens

Marinated HD mEAT sirloin beef, stir fry style with broccoli, peppers and bok choy in a ginger sauce served over basmati rice.

#9  Regular $12

 Calories: 520

Carbs:52g Fat: 17g Protein: 35g

#10  Large   $15

 Calories: 700 Carbs:52g Fat: 29g Protein: 56g

GF - DF - NF

Moroccan Kebab

The world needs more meat on a stick.

HD mEAT  ground beef mixed with lean ground pork & Moroccan spices grilled on a skewer with a mustard dip. Comes with Yoodles (spiralized yams & carrots with bacon) and a cucumber mint salad.

#9  Regular $13

Calories: 500

Carbs: 22g, Fat:28g, Protein: 40g

#10  Large  $16


Carbs:33g, Fat: 40g, Protein:60g

GF - DF - NF - Paleo

Butter Chicken

A healthier take on a favorite! This paleo version uses coconut milk in place of cream. Chicken & peppers slow cooked in a creamy sauce over rice noodles and topped with cilantro.

#9  Regular   $12

 Calories: 485

Carbs:44g Fat: 13g Protein: 47g

#10  Large $15.


Carbs:60g Fat: 20g Protein: 70g

DF - GF - NF

Pork & Apples

Pork loin, apples and caramelized onions with cinnamon mashed yams.

#9  Regular $14

Calories: 540

Carbs: 55g fat: 20g Protein: 34g

#10 Large $17

Calories: 810

Carbs: 84g fat: 30g Protein: 50g

GF- DF - Paleo - NF

Sesame Orange Peel Chicken

OK so I may  have a few oranges in my kitchen but what a great way to use them! Marinated chicken breast, snap peas, peppers, zucchini and lot's of orange flavor over rice.

#11 Regular $13.

Calories: 565

Carbs: 66g Fat: 15g Protein: 42g

#12 Large $16

Calories: 800

Carbs: 92g Fat: 20g Protein: 58g

GF - NF - DF


Shashlik is fun to say. (Shah-shlick)

Slavic style marinated HD mEATS sirloin beef with a bell pepper & potato hash and a horseradish sauce on the side. (Sauce contains dairy)

#11 Regular  $14.

Calories: 545

Carbs:17g Fat: 34g Protein: 43g

#12 Large  $17


Carbs:22g Fat: 46g Protein: 60g


Kung Pao Chicken

Savory and spicy chicken in a Sichuan pepper sauce. Loaded with peppers, carrots, bok choy, peanuts and rice noodles. It does have a little kick but I'm a spicy meatball and like to throw some sriracha on.

#11 Regular $13.

Calories: 510

Carbs: 60g fat: 14g Protein: 36g

#12 Large $16

Calories: 765

Carbs: 90g fat: 21g Protein: 54g


Pork & Pumpkin

A comforting meal of succulent pork and tender sugar pumpkin with a side of roasted broccoli.

#9  Regular $12.

Calories: 460

Carbs:15g Fat: 29g Protein: 39g

#10 Large  $15


Carbs:23g Fat: 43g Protein: 59g

GF - NF - DF - Paleo

Fall Feast

Nothing screams fall for me like roasted veggies. It pairs so well with maple-garlic marinated pork tenderloin and Paula’s fig port sauce. 

This is fall on a plate.

#11  Regular   $13

Calories: 540

Carbs:50g Fat: 18g Protein: 43g

#12  Large   $16

 Calories: 810

Carbs:75g Fat: 27g Protein:64 g

GF - NF - DF - Paleo

Closed until July 10th.

New menu up July 4

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Closed for adventuring August 21- September 5

New menu up August 30

GF: Gluten Free          DF: Dairy Free             NF: Nut Free